About Us

We're a small online operation specializing in eye-candy gold coins and other gold products.  We had a brick & mortar store in Laramie, Wyoming for several years but recently closed it as we have relocated to Lawrence, Kansas to be closer to family.  

I've been dealing in coins for the better part of 40 years as a collector and occasional part-time dealer, and my biggest coin love is pre-1933 US gold with bright flashy luster and strong strikes.  Rarity is always a plus, but exceptionally nice common date pre-1933 gold is a great way to put some really nice coins into your collection without breaking the bank in the process!

One of the earliest lessons I learned about coins is to buy the best you can afford; quality always wins over time. The coins on this site are, in my opinion, nice high end examples for the grades assigned.  Buying higher-$$ items directly from this site means many of the fees charged by 3rd party sites (like ebay) are avoided so I can pass those savings on to you!  You can also click on the link to my ebay store to find other coins and fun collectibles. 

Feel free to reach out to me anytime at 307-760-0760.  Because I'm often enjoying the outdoors, the best way to reach me is via text.  I will respond to all messages (text or voice) and I enjoy talking coins, so feel free to visit anytime!